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We work as part of a group with each arm taking on a specific pillar of the event industry, production, sourcing, conceptualization, audio visual equipment with the ability to combine strategic thinking & comprehensive event management skills we develop events that are worth your investment.

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Corporate Conferences

Our sweet spot, high level conferences, and lately specializing in the virtual conference set ups. we plan and implement local and international conferences. Our flagship for conferences lies in our capabilities in stage production, with audio equipment, & LED screen/media wall build ups. We are proud to be a one stop shop for full fledge conferences even with internet broadcast.


We are a complete provider, with solutions for interactive displays be it audio or video. We make tailor made technical solutions for your needs. Workshop requirements are catered for through. Our hard working team taking care of reception, the attendance & registration services, & zero hour printing services.

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Corporate Activities

Our event planning process starts with you. Understanding your goals and ideas is our first priority. By establishing these grounds you can be confident that they will be the central focus in each step of the planning process.

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Live Shows & Brand Activation

We have grade “A” equipment to bring your shows to life and make your event the talk of the town. You name it: Mega Struss Structure (Euro Truss), Show Lights and Moving Heads (Clay Paky, Robe, Light Sky…etc), laser light shows, Audio (Meyer Sound, Sennheiser…etc) & LED P2, P3 & transparent LEDs screen.

On-ground Activations

Street teams are a highly effective way of building brand awareness, especially at the local level. We introduce your services or products in public areas. Street teams can target very specific consumers, and increase engagement at the individual level. We know that consumers are more likely to trust and keep information they receive, & distributing printed media at the street level is a great way to boost your brand.

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Branch Openings

We know what it takes to manage the opening ceremony of any outlet or launch a new service. We design and build needed technical and creative solutions give those events the “Umph” effect. We take special care while planning the hospitality and what lies under it for your event.

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Conceptualization & Management

We structure event concepts from scratch taking into account budget, venue, audiovisual requirements, electricity setup, location setup, transportation logistics, catering, onsite staffing, pre and onsite registration management & logistics, risk assessment.

Booth Design & Production

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools in the creative process. However, concept design is a crucial part of any event or exhibition. By gaining a thorough comprehension of your ideas and applying our extensive knowledge, we lay the groundwork for a successful event. Moreover, concept design clearly defines the purpose of your event or exhibition. We think that having a concept design in your event will not only help you to gain footfall but at the same time will help you stand out in the crowd.

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Public Events & Catering

Our idea, our design, implemented across the KSA 13 regions, we are proud to help our partner STC in bringing Fiber to the doorstep of the KSA consumers. From event production, consumer invitation management & on ground execution, the Enso teams were operating 5 simultaneous events which has yielded +900% increase in sales and consumer response.

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